A year of First’s….

As the saying goes – there’s a first time for everything. Never did we think it would all fall into one year…

Our family was blessed with the birth of our baby girl last year – our first child, first grandchild and first great grandchild. As any new parent would know, no number of baby books or advice can prepare you for that first year of being a parent – but it is the most rewarding role yet.

Being so besotted with my daughter I felt utter panic at the thought of going back to work and leaving her… Darling hubby (didn’t know what he was getting himself into) suggested I resign and maybe think of something I could do from home.

Moo Cachoo was born! Thinking it would be a fun side project my creative and talented Mom and I could do together while cooing over my baby… Not for a minute did we think it would consume our days and nights, throw us into the world of online marketing, websites, baby expos and running a CTM from my kitchen. In saying this all – we love what we get to do!

Go big or go home was what we were thinking when we signed up to have a stand at the Mama Magic Baby Expo at the dome. Our first expo and chance to showcase our brand to the baby industry, the build up to the expo was filled with excitement and stress to get all of our products finished in time and looking perfect. This just so happened to be the week after our daughters first birthday- a big occasion to celebrate munchkin turning a whole one year old and a well done to Mommy and Daddy for surviving the first year!

Baby expo

With our first expo done and dusted – leaving us exhausted but on an absolute high from all the compliments on our stand, products and brand. (We also just looooved chatting to all the lovely ladies, rubbing preggy bellies and cuddling babies!) We are so happy to have it confirmed by excited parents and shop owners when seeing our unique products that it is relevant to the modern mommy and the baby industry welcomed us with a big hug!

Moo Cachoo might not be a year old yet… But if this is how much fun we have had in the first few months- I cannot wait to see what else the future holds for our ‘little’ business!

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