Glamping 101

Having just gone on our first December family holiday to the coast, I can officially say… We survived holidaying with a toddler!

It was decided (by my slightly crazy husband and brother in law) that hiring caravans and heading up to the north coast with our little families would be ‘good fun’.

Soooo four adults(still deliberating if our husbands classify as adults or kids) two toddlers,a baby and what felt like our entire house packed up for this ‘glamping trip’…

My pile was the smallest this holiday, all my time was consumed with gathering all that was needed for my little girl Tatum – at only a year old- it took me three days to pack just her goodies!? After many a list, double checking and throwing in extra baby grows, I felt slightly prepared for this holiday!

What I hadn’t expected was that one of our very own products would come in such use !

Glamping with a toddler – problem #01

Walking to the ablutions to bath sandy little toddlers… Towels, PJ’s, bath products, toys and still hold a wriggly grubby baby is no easy task. Thank goodness for our Moochi Sunbag -I was able to shove all the nessesary items in, scoop it up into a bag and manage the trek to the bathrooms.(the bag also doubled as a great clean ‘change mat’ and a towel whilst in there!)




Bath time sunbag

Glamping with a toddler – problem #02

My daydream of relaxing whilst tanning on the beach with a cocktail in hand and reading a book was shattered when I discovered what utter chaos it is to have your own kids on the beach! Firstly planning a simple outing to the beach needs to be perfectly timed with little ones naps, to avoid a grumpy beach baby. Then it’s the constant sunblock smothering, hat duty, retrieving toys being snatched by the waves(or other kiddies) and getting sand out of eyes, mouths, and hair.Rehydrating and the reapplying sunblock….and we were only there for 30 minutes!

once again, for the mountain of stuff needed for my little for a simple beach outing I needed a truck! But managed by stuffing all said items into her Moochi Sunbag and once opened-was a fab area for her sit and apply the ample sunblock ect. And when the time came to pack up again (for the next nap time!) It thankfully was as easy as scooping up handles… Toys, towels wet cozier and half the beaches sand all inside and ready to go again!


And lastly… Glamping with a toddler – problem #03

Being somewhat like a gypsy on a caravanning holiday, we found that we weren’t always close to our little ones cots at the sacred nap times. So needing to make a comfy plan, we opened up a Moochi play bag for a soft,padded place for baba to sleep, which could then be anywhere -on the beach, in the pram, or under the trees in the park.



image 2


So this family holiday was ruled by the kids – it was all sorts of exhausting fun! And even though I packed all the ‘list items’ required, I felt quite relieved (and a lot proud!) that one of our products helped make my life a bit easier glamping with a toddler!

After a thorough washing (hopefully ALL the sand will finally wash away!) I can carry on using my Moochi play/sun bags for more adventuring with my little girl, but from the comfort of my home!




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