Little hurricane replaced my baby…

when your tiny, sweet little baby arrives in your life, it seems ones home gets invaded by all the things they NEED… (right, we find out later that half of these things are not needed at all…)

Moses basket,  monitors, cots, prams,  singing bouncing baby chairs, baby baths and seats, bumbos, highchairs,  sterilizers and toys… oh I could fill a page, but my point is that every room of your home is filled with these ‘things’ that the smallest human in the house now needs!

As new parents we wanted to be prepared but soon found out what worked for our 4 week old baby – wasn’t working for our 7 week old baby. Before I knew it, it was time to start solids and while introducing rice cereal was a gradual process,  it wasn’t long before I was pureeing up a freezer full of food for a hungry muncher!

The handy swinging bouncy chair (that worked for about a month) was now packed away to make way for our little crawler a.k.a the steamroller. Other parents weren’t lying when they gave a laugh and said a mobile baby is a whole different level. Gone were the days (and I now mourn them) where we could place baby on  her playmat on the floor with her toys and make a quick dash to kitchen and return to find her in the same spot as where you had left them! Now with steamroller- not only was she ploughing through the house, we had thankfully ‘baby proofed’ just in time, she was also a little Houdini. One minute she was there- the next she was gone, out the door, onto the verander, eating the dogs pellets!

The baby days seemed so short, and sweet looking back. Our gurgling little baby blob transformed daily before our eyes taking over our home and filling our hearts!

It feels like it happened overnight.  It followed shortly after our littles ones first birthday- her first steps! How proud we were- as ALL parents are. Little did we know what would follow. ..

Walking. ..!

It amazed me- how quickly they can go from the ‘drunken stumble’ to a full on run! Nothing was safe – objects on counters, your little ones toes, even the animals ran for their lives when they saw her charging their way! Moms really get their workouts at this age- all beverages to be drunk out of sippy cups too- because your going to be running after your toddler!

And all too soon our toddlers will be saying goodbye to us from the front steps of their preschool. .. waiting for the golden nuggets of advice from the parents of preschools- sure there is more hilarious sprinting for us parents in the future for the next stage in our little ones lives!

Always running – after her!





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