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The B word…

You all know this word, it’s dreaded by most seasoned mothers and is probably used on a daily basis in most households. Yip that’s right – you guessed it… ! BARNEY ! It’s happened in our household recently, the switch in my toddlers brain flipped and she is now obsessed! That theme song comes on […]

When three becomes four… Or more

Your little one has just arrived in the world, brand spanking new! When friends and family start asking…. Sooooo when are you guys going to have another one? Oh boy like you haven’t been through enough already!  When is the right time? Can anyone tell you? The gynae will recommend a minimum of 6 months […]

Picture perfect pairing

One of my favorite past times is Pinning…. On Pinterest! i love the creativeness! From the interesting new recipe ideas (that I hope to cook or have someone cook for me) the adorably cute baby nursery themes (I have about 8 planned for my ‘future’ babies) fun activities to do with my toddler and the […]

Little hurricane replaced my baby…

when your tiny, sweet little baby arrives in your life, it seems ones home gets invaded by all the things they NEED… (right, we find out later that half of these things are not needed at all…) Moses basket,  monitors, cots, prams,  singing bouncing baby chairs, baby baths and seats, bumbos, highchairs,  sterilizers and toys… […]

A year of First’s….

As the saying goes – there’s a first time for everything. Never did we think it would all fall into one year… Our family was blessed with the birth of our baby girl last year – our first child, first grandchild and first great grandchild. As any new parent would know, no number of baby […]