The B word…

You all know this word, it’s dreaded by most seasoned mothers and is probably used on a daily basis in most households.

Yip that’s right – you guessed it… ! BARNEY !

It’s happened in our household recently, the switch in my toddlers brain flipped and she is now obsessed! That theme song comes on and she runs, squealing to the TV. Nothing (to my dismay) interested her remotely on TV before. She watches in awe as Barney (or ‘Barn’ as she calls him) appears, claps and tries to sing along and even gives a big lip smacking kiss when the famous songs comes on ‘and a great big hug and a kiss from me to you’…

She is now the proud owner of a ‘baby’ Barney  and a bigger Barn (we literally had to hide the toddler sized Barney before she fell in love with it too!) Both which she tucks up tightly under each arm for bedtime, she generously shares her dummy and bottle with Barn! Lucky dinasour…

But it really amazes me the love and sudden fixation she has? We haven’t encouraged it in the least (she loves being outdoors) but a sudden liking to this particular show?

Being amused by this interest I sat with my Little to watch a few episodes (yes she is my first child 😉 to see if it was as annoying as I hear and just to check content wise if it was appropriate for a 1 and a half year old. I was pleasantly surprised (and enjoyed the episode!)

Once I had a look online I saw ALOT of controversial feeling about the brand and some harsh reviews by moms and critics alike. Some claim it’s witchcraft and evil, thoroughly annoying and unrealistic for implementation to real day life. While others rave on about how educational, friendly and optimistic the messages are, not to mention the fun songs and dances. It seems the encouragement of the use of kids imagination has a few people upset and misplacing their feelings.

I know there are so many TV shows available for kids nowadays – and my Little one has had the opportunity to see a few – but something just clicks with them and Barney (a few friends with kids similar ages are experiencing the same thing as me with their little ones)

There is good reason why it is a multimillion dollar industry- just in SA we have 5 Mama Magic Baby Expos a year nationwide, where they have three Barney shows daily that are fully booked at each show! Barney gets given the same treatment on stage by the kids as if he was a famous rock star! ‘Barney’ gets flown out from America to do the shows – he is legit! Nevermind all the merchandise at all our big retail outlets!

So after giving it a good think… Letting my Little watch a 40 minute episode of Barney every other day is more beneficial for her than detrimental… And anything that gives us Moms a chance to snuggle up on the couch with our angels quietly, with a Luke warm cup of tea (as always) and enjoy the simple joy they get from watching a purple dinasouar is a real sweet thing to witness!

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