Starting Solids Combo

R255.00 R215.00

Introduction to solids is an exciting stage for baby and parent!

To help make the process as easy as possible, we have some amazing products that will assist in feeding and letting baby experience new foods / flavors.

The silicone feeder spoon is easy to use, as it opens up, the food can be spooned/poured into the bottle and the top screwed back on. Gently squeeze the bottle and the baby food will come out onto the spoon and can be fed to baby!

The fruit Sieve feeder is great for placing different fruits in the silicone part and baby can safely suck on the fruit without the fear of them choking.

Both these products are dishwasher friendly. BPA free.

Solids can be a messy business – that’s why the combo set comes with a Bib! The bib is plastic, with a silicone curve at the bottom to ‘catch’ food. The bib can easily be wiped down to clean.